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Japan Wallpaper Pack

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Here is a zip file containing 62 digital wallpapers for your various devices in three different resolutions seen to the right. Cost of the digital pack starts at $1 to make it more accessible for those who genuinely can’t help out monetarily, suggested cost is $10 but really, I’m here to spread a little happiness and try and raise money for a couple 50ft projects.

I am also printing a limited edition zine at the end of April containing all of the images as a nice keepsake. The $8 I’m asking for the booklet is the cost for printing and mailing them to you, there is no profit notched in there, I just think it would be a fun thing to make.

I love and appreciate your consideration and support and please, if you enjoy the pack, spread the word!


I can’t believe that this trip to Japan was in 2014. Has it actually been that long? Disbelief aside, I am happy to finally have a pack of wallpapers collected to share, this has certainly been a long time coming. For some reason I have been a bit hard on myself when it came to photos from this specific trip so sharing this is sort of therapeutic for me. Moving on and away from this batch of photos feels good.

And you know what? I genuinely love all of them. Going through them again for the first time in a long while, I added roughly 30 images that I, at one time, didn’t have earmarked to share because an image was maybe not quite perfectly sharp or well exposed but over the years I have come to accept that the soul of a photograph is not always about technical perfection (as nice as that can be), it’s about capturing a feeling, or an experience. During this trip I was definitely more focused on being there, and enjoying all of the fresh feelings of being somewhere new and I think this is reflected in these images.

I was also able to reassess some of the post processing touches and brought new life to several images. Full disclosure, are a few here that were already posted to the main site but a couple in the pack were retouched and they are offered up at these new resolutions as well.

Speaking of which, the pack is quite large in full, just over 900MB, so I have that is specifically for mobile versions if thats all you want or need. Specifics on resolution can be seen to the right.

As for the cost, it starts at $1 because, well, because I know there are some of you out there who can not afford the luxury right now so that $1 entry point is there for you, gumroad won't let me make it a free product with a file size this large, If you are unable to purchase anything online let me know, I'm happy to share.

My suggested cost for the digital pack is $10, could be more could be less, that's your call but I will tell you where money will head, it will go straight into funding my creative outlets. I don’t expect this to take off in the same way my previous packs had in the past when, perfectly crafted “parallax capable” images and wallpapers were all the rage, but I do hope it will bring in enough to dust off a couple of ideas and get them made.

I am taking this opportunity to print up a small zine in which I will collect this series of photos in printed form. It will be a limited edition run of 20 roughly 4”x6” (100x150mm) saddle bound booklets containing all of these images together. I chose this size because it’s a great way to share printed art through the mail without encountering the staggering costs of shipping these days. If all goes well I should be able to mail them off with a single postage stamp which means no extra shipping costs anywhere in the world! The $8 listed for the zine is close to COST for me to print and mail them out. Anything more you’re able to give is appreciated but not required. Simply choose the zine option on the right if you’re interested in getting your hands on one.

So thats that, I think we have found our way to the end of the chat, thanks for hanging around, and thanks again for your consideration and support, I do hope you enjoy the photos. As I cropped, titled, and saved 186 files in photoshop over the past week or two in preparation for this I found myself getting lost in little memories, it was truly a gift and maybe somewhere in the form of a daydream you will find some peace in them as well. See you again soon.

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Printed Zine
Shipping Early May
Mobile device (iPad, iPhones, etc.)
3400 × 3400
HD Files
5120 × 2880
"Standard" Macbook Desktops
2880 × 1800


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Japan Wallpaper Pack

16 ratings
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