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50ft Membership

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I am grateful for the encouragement and kindness everyone has shown me on fiftyfootshadows through its 10 years of operation. It is an important part of my life and has been a labor of love all of these years but I have recently come to realize that I can't keep it up forever on love alone.

This is where the new 50ft Memberships come into the picture. With your humble support I will be able to continue building and posting to fiftyfootshadows. There are two levels of membership, the details of which can be found below.

The 50ft Standard

The 50ft Standard is a membership that will allow access to higher resolution versions of both new and old wallpapers for pixel hungry devices like the 5k iMac. Downloads of these files will be handled though Gumroad, the service I have chosen to manage these subscriptions.

The 50ft Print Club

The 50ft Print club is the true heart and soul of why I wanted to start a membership service on 50ft. Each month I will send a 4x6 print along with a letter to each subscriber. I will mail these off by hand with envelopes and stamps as though sending a letter to a friend or pen pal. All of the digital benefits and Fine Art print discounts also apply.

To join the 50ft Print Club use the pull down menu to select the corresponding add on.


Tip Jar: This is not a requirement or an attempt to get more out of you, I promise! The ordering system makes you pick an option so don't feel bad about making it 0. The Tip Jar is only here for those willing or able to give a little extra to the development of the site. Simply choose "No Tip" if your not interested.

Upgrades after purchase: Unfortunately at this time, Gumroad does not support upgrades for memberships, to upgrade your 50ft Standard membership to the Print Club you must first unsubscribe and then sign up again with the Print Club Option. Monthly Billing will reset. My apologies for their not being a simpler way around this.

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See note in description about upgrades.


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