50ft Print Club Gift Subscription (12mo.)

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After discovering a number of people gifting the 50ft Print Club Membership to loved ones I thought some people may like to have an option to pay for one full year of the 50ft Print Club In advance at a discounted rate. This will include 12 prints total (plus any bonus ones I may toss in on occasion) but will not include the perks of the monthly 50ft standard or 50ft Print Club subscriptions.

I am starting this option in December of 2017 which is the last month of the first year of this membership being available, which was the first, lets say "season", of the club being available. As a bonus and as a means to keep things tidy, any signups before the end of 2017 will get an additional print from December and continue to receive prints through the end of 2018. If this is a Christmas gift let me know! I will include a little message in there with the first print.

With your humble support I will be able to continue building and posting to fiftyfootshadows.

The 50ft Print Club Gift Subscription

The 50ft Print Club is the true heart and soul of why I wanted to start a membership service on 50ft. Each month I will send a 4x7 print along with a letter to each subscriber. I will mail these off by hand with envelopes and stamps as though sending a letter to a friend or pen pal. I do my best to include hand written notes when time permits as well as a letter about the print and as a way to say hello each month.


Because this is a one time purchase to join the Print Club at a discounted rate, the digital perks found in the 50ft Standard Membership are not available here. Well, other than a few of the HD wallpapers because why not ;) Links can be found in your Gumroad account.

For the full story read the launch post here.

Still have questions? There is an FAQ being populated as questions arise so if you have any questions or concerns please, start here.

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50ft Print Club Gift Subscription (12mo.)

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